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Keeping all the serious stuff aside I hope you guys enjoy my blog!

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Hi guys,

First of all thank you so much for visiting our site. Now that you’re here, let me tell you a little bit about us. Desi Life with me is our blog name and also our name on all the social media’s. We are just two ordinary girls who have been looking for their purpose in life and during our search we have stumbled upon this platform where we get to share ourselves and our heart and mind with all you wonderful people. We have known each other for the past nine years and have been best friends for almost the same time. We met each other during our college graduation in med school. Yes!!  We are qualified MBBS doctors.  Instead of going for post-graduation and specialising in a specific medical field we both decided to change courses in our career. This is a huge leap we have taken and it was really not easy to change fields for us. We have both come from USA and are currently residing in India. We are very passionate about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We have created this platform so that we can share our views, tips & tricks, products we use, DIYs, and our life in general with you guys. We also have our YouTube channel called Desi Life with Me. We really hope that all of you will show us some love in all of our endeavours in life.

Loads of Love,



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