Rainy (Monsoon) Season Health Tips

Have you been looking forward to some relief from the scorching heat? Well, look no further as the monsoons/rainy season have officially arrived in the northern India. Chandigarh is already known as the “city beautiful” and in rainy season the beauty is enhanced completely with numerous lush green parks, the view of the mountains, Rose Garden, etc. The greenery along with the pouring rain gives off such a serene vibe to Chandigarh.

Monsoons is basically a shift in the prevailing winds from the south towards the north accompanying heavy rain falls that cool down the summer heat. This pouring season is very vital for our environment as it not only cools down the temperature but also provides aid to our farmers in crop cultivation and protects our animals from the heat.

If you are a wanderer you should be very careful about traveling during the monsoon months. It is essential to pack smart with rain safety gear such as an umbrella, rain boots, rain coats, or clothes that dry easily. Just by taking a few precautions your trips can be more enjoyable.

Here are a few tips to stay healthy this rainy season:

Maintain a healthy Diet

It’s highly important to maintain a healthy diet during this time as it is the time of bacterial and viral infections as well. It’s very wise to boost your immunity during monsoons by increasing your intake of Vitamin C. Be sure to eat only home cooked meals that are light on your stomach. Avoid eating junk foods and street foods no matter how irresistible they are as they are usually full of contaminated water and air. Getting enough hours of sleep (7-8 hours) is a must, since a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. Exercising regularly is very beneficial as it helps in improving blood circulation and also releases serotonin which elevates your mood.

Maintain a hygienic environment

Rainy season can be home to various bugs, flies, mosquitoes, etc. so it’s highly recommended to use different kinds of insect repellent sprays and coils. Make sure to protect and keep your living spaces clean and dry with proper disinfectants. Also be sure that you are not surrounded by any dirty or stagnant water. Especially keep children and pets away from the stagnant waters. It is also a good idea to use disinfectant in the bathing water. Hand hygiene is very crucial in today’s time, as precaution for ourselves and our loved ones.

Drink plenty of Fluids

Rainy season is home to so many water borne diseases. Dehydration is one of the main symptoms during these sicknesses. Be sure to drink clean, purified, or boiled water. Avoid drinking fresh fruit juices from street vendors as it could be contaminated. Homemade herbal teas are highly beneficial in boosting immunity and getting the necessary warmth for our bodies. No matter how much you love your gol gappas or pani puri please avoid it during the rains. Instead make such light snacks at home with clean water and enjoy the perks of being safe from diseases.

Keep children and pets safe

Rain is beautiful and its great fun for kids and pets to play outside during rains. As important as it is to have fun and enjoy especially after the sordid heat, it is also important to maintain safety. Please be sure to not leave kids and pets unsupervised while they are outside. Kids can tend to get sick so be sure to boost their immunities. Pets can also attract fleas or ticks during these moist conditions so be sure to check them regularly and spray them with anti-tick or anti-flea repellents. Bath them with the water with disinfectant added and dry them properly. Pets are very prone to getting infection in their paws from the rains and humidity, be sure to always check for that. Kids and pets are our bundles of joy so it is our responsibility to ensure their safety during this season.

Having said my bit above, I hope you all enjoy rainy season as much as we do in our beautiful desi life.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is for informative/educational purposes only. It is not a medical advice in any manner. In case of any fever, cold, or difficulty breathing please do consult your doctors as they can best do your check up and provide the necessary medications.

Happy Monsoons!

Loads of love,


Hershey, Simba, Shera & Dj

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